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Inspiring view from our  Printery

With well over a century of family heritage in the printing industry, PrintLife® take a real pride in the excellence of our workmanship.

PrintLife® are traditionally based with expertise in lead type, letterpress composition as well as the latest high-tech digital techniques.

Frank at PrintLife®  has been compositor/typographer for over 50 years in
various sectors of the trade in the UK, including Fleet Street, magazines
and general jobbing work. He has also lectured in Graphic
Pre-press at the National School of Printing, Auckland.

Patricia at PrintLife® is a graphic designer with many years
experience in the printing industry in the UK and NZ.
Patricia also undertakes web design.

Also with other members of our family involved
in PrintLife® we are a real family concern.

As you can see, PrintLife® is well qualified
to provide a top grade printing service
and is dedicated to the industry.

If you’re thinking Letterpress print think PrintLife ®


The contents of this website are the property of PrintLife® and not be used or copied in any way,

is New Zealand owned by 
Frank and Patricia Gausden

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